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Costa Podcasts serving the global LatinX audience

Are you trying to reach the +60M Hispanic households in the USA?

Would you like to connect with content creators that talk directly to these communities and whisper into their ears every day?


COSTA aims to change the economic landscape for the Hispanic audience for the podcaster, the advertiser, and the listener. Powered by terrestrial radio, streaming, Live Events with an in-house sales team to bring the broadest reach and highest overseeing national spot and network radio.

  • COSTA works closely with Top 8 Global Sales Agencies

  • For Direct Sales campaigns, your podcast will appear in topic-related sales presentations

  • Event participation capabilities will be included in marketing campaigns

  • Promotion within COSTA’s Syndicated Programs throughout similar genre content

  • We are dedicated to creating in-market presence and work together to build your audience

  • Distribution via our hosting partner to all major podcast platforms, smart devices

  • Host-read podcast ads drive strong brand recall, account for half of all podcast advertising.


  • Podcasting ad revenues ballooned to $1billion in the US for 2021 (15% y/y growth). Source IAB

  • Digital audio and podcast advertising will grow 17% this year. Source Magna

Today’s 4 million Podcasts, Equals 4 million Unique Communities.

Podcast Listeners Have Spectacular Brand Recall


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Listeners Act on Podcast Advertising
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Market to today's hottest segments: Millennials and Multiculturals

Hispanics are the youngest ethnic group and 40% more likely to live in a multigenerational household - the nexus of the Hispanic community. 

Hispanics over-index in New Tech Adoption; mobile ownership, usage, and activity.

Podcasting ads reach a younger demo 18-44, and they enhance the audio campaigns.

Make Us Part of Your Campaign!

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