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Costa Podcasts serving the global LatinX audience
We are ready to be your partner and grow your business!
  • 360 Media Approach for all our Partner Affiliates

  • Podcasts will be promoted with Bite-size segments on 350 Hispanic Radio affiliates in the US.

  • Access to Prep Production Studios; extensive expertise in voice, sound, image and production for your podcast.

Women in Podcasting

Women are driving significant gains in podcast engagement as the growing core base of listeners are women.

Since 2018, the number of female podcasts listeners has increased by 76%, and heavy female podcast listeners (10+ times per month) increased by 90%. 


A 40% increase in the U.S. population listening to podcasts over the past three years.

Partner with us and we'll monetize your Podcast

eMarketer forecasted Podcasting will surpass $2 billion by 2023

  • 73% of female listeners can recall the brand after exposure

  • 54% of female listeners find podcast content interesting

Costa Podcasts serving the global LatinX audience


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