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Who We Are

Costa Podcasts serving the global LatinX audience

COSTA PODCASTS is a division of COSTA MEDIA, an audio-centric media company focused on delivering compelling content to the global LatinX audience.

Powered by a team with over 50 years of experience in radio programming, sales, and marketing, COSTA PODCASTS aims to showcase and engage talk show hosts and/or newcomers in the podcast arena from the US and Latin America in Spanish, English, or Spanglish.

COSTA PODCAST’S unique qualifications to become the Top Hispanic Podcast platform are the integration of our 350 Hispanic Radio Stations in the USA, a compelling 84% of US Coverage in the 150 Hispanic Top US Radio Markets.

We boast +10 Million Social Media Followers from over 10 Spanish-language Syndicated Radio Shows with a

+5.3 Million Weekly Cume.

We aim to leverage podcasters and advertisers to monetize their content and engage with different communities.

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